DFR & TTR Studies

We are able to conduct fungicide, herbicide,  insecticide, crop variety, and greenhouse trials on all the agronomic and vegetable crops, specialty crops, grapes and small fruits, and tree fruit of the northeast.

Both tractor mounted boom sprayer and tractor pulled Gandy drop spreader applications are available. We can also provide various application verification samples.

Community Outreach

Processing Studies

Professional Memberships

We would like to thank you for your continued support over the years, as it has also allowed us to give back to our local communities in the following ways:  free consultation services to local growers, free annual and perennial crops (non-trial related) to neighbors, and donating to local charities (i.e. sponsoring a local family in-need during the holiday season).  Your support has made us better neighbors!

GLP Studies

Our Mission Statement

We have a solution for all your GLP, efficacy and processing trial needs

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.

East Farm

Soil Dissipation Studies

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc. is an independent agricultural contract research firm located in North Rose and Dundee, New York.

We are able to conduct pollen & nectar, soil dissipation, dislodgeable foliar residue, turf transferrable residue, fruit & vegetable processing, RAC, decline, APHIS, and biotech studies.

For DFR studies, leaf disc samples are collected with a Birkestrand leaf-punch sampler, and dislodged on a reciprocating shaker.  TTR study samples are collected using the Modified California Roller technique.

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.

Overlook Farms

Efficacy trials

To provide reliable, confidential agricultural research services of high quality using current and developing technology in order to meet the vast needs of our clients through open communication.

EAST FARM                                                                          OverLOOK FARMS

Our SOPs and equipment allow us to process apples, grapes, hops, pears, plums and tomatoes.  We can produce juice, syrup, wet & dry pomace, fruit sauce, jam, paste, canned fruit, dried fruit, wine, and beer.

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.

Always Growing

Agronomic, Vegetable & Specialty Crop Division                                                   Grapes, Tree & Small Fruit & Hops Division

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