Tank Mix Samples

Foliage Samples

Mobile Lab

Application Methods

Cores are sectioned with a utility knife on a truck tailgate in the field, then composited with gloved hands squeezing the labeled sample bag.


Soil Pans

Collected immediately prior to and post applications while wearing the proper protective gear, according to protocol requirements.

All soil dissipation studies are conducted on-site on bare soil, turf, and/or cropped plot areas, where there is access to our weather station, trial security, irrigation management, and elimination of off-site trial problems.  Soil types range from loamy sand to silt loam, and trial-specific soil moisture monitoring stations are used.

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc. uses on-site contract quality assurance for all trials.

                                             Laura L. Jordan

                                             Contract QA

                                             OMNI Resources, Inc.

                                             34 Van Rensselaer St.

                                             Seneca Falls, NY 13148


We welded a 12-inch by 12-inch frame with which we use hand clippers to cut and then collect the foliage samples, and then place them in the in-field freezers.

All of the soil dissipation study field components are conducted from our mobile field lab, which includes two generator-run chest freezers (control and treated). The lab is equipped to house and store all of the necessary supplies for conducting soil dissipation studies.  It is pulled out to the field by one of our four-wheel drive pick-up trucks.

We also use trial-specific soil moisture stations, which are set-up and run according to the Study Director's and protocol's requirements.

We use a tractor mounted Giddings hydraulic sampler, and a 1.75-inch diameter probe with acetate liners.

Soil Dissipation Studies


0-6 Inch Soil Sampling

Quality Assurance

Solvent Saturation Pads

6-48 Inch Soil Sampling

‚ÄčApplication Verification Samples

Petri Dishes with Filter Paper

For Soil Dissipation Study Work:

Grant L. Jordan, Ph.D.

Cody Dickinson

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.

EAST FARM                                                                          OverLOOK FARMS

Two-to-three stage probes used with acetate liners in:  2.25-inch, 3-inch, 4.5-inch, and 6-inch diameters.

Agronomic, Vegetable & Specialty Crop Division                                                   Grapes, Tree & Small Fruit & Hops Division

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Core Sectioning & Compositing

Always Growing

We are able to make applications with both tractor mounted boom sprayers and tractor pulled Gandy drop spreaders.

For tractor mounted boom sprayer applications, the boom height is always set to obtain a uniform application, and checked once out in the field just prior to application.