Harry J. Humphreys, B.S.Ed.

Co-Owner & Director of Research

​Grapes, Tree & Small Fruit & Hops Division


The A.C.D.S. Research, Inc. Overlook Farms site is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region near the village of Dundee in Yates County, New York, and is approximately 50 miles south of the East Farm in North Rose.  A.C.D.S. Research's co-owner Harry Humphreys took ownership of Overlook Farms in 1970, a four-generation family farm started circa 1869.  This farm is a secondary, or satellite, site for A.C.D.S. Research, Inc., and is the home location of the Grapes, Tree & Small Fruit & Hops Division.

Always Growing

There are five different soil types on Overlook Farms, ranging from well-drained gravelly soils to silt loam soils and heavier clay loam-type soils.  This site has natural spring, drilled well, and farm pond water sources available for setting up irrigation if needed.  The farm site is located in an isolated rural area, which enhances trial security, and under private ownership there is complete control of maintenance sprays and other cultural practices performed in trial plot areas.  This site is also "going green" in 2017 with the installation of a solar panel system as an electrical power source for the farm.

Overlook Farms

Agronomic, Vegetable & Specialty Crop Division                                                   Grapes, Tree & Small Fruit & Hops Division

9813 Glenmark Road                                                                                                                      5266 Lakemont Himrod Road

North Rose, NY 14516                                                                                                                                       Dundee, NY 14837

Phone:  (315) 587-2140                                                                                                                            Phone:  (607) 678-4141

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EAST FARM                                                                          OverLOOK FARMS

This farm site is comprised of approximately 100 acres, with most of the acreage consisting of grape vineyards, approximately 65 acres of ten different wine and juice grape varieties that can be used for the conduct of both efficacy and residue studies.  There is an additional 20 acres of tillable farm land that can be utilized for a variety of other research studies, as well.  Another 10 acres of land support office facilities, and various equipment and storage buildings.  Several buildings house research office space, test substance storage and work areas, refrigeration and chest-type freezer areas, a research lab area, and research equipment storage areas.

A.C.D.S. Research, Inc.

Other outlying buildings consist of additional farm equipment storage, commercial pesticide storage and mixing areas, and shop maintenance facilities for equipment repair and fabrication.  There is also an on-site weather station connected to the Network for Environmental and Weather Applications (NEWA) weather station network provided through Cornell University, and can be accessed via the NEWA home page website at http://newa.cornell.edu/.

Johnathan H. Skinner, B.S.

Principal Field Investigator

​Grapes, Tree & Small Fruit & Hops Division


Lastly, the 50-plus mile separation between the two A.C.D.S. Research farm sites provides the opportunity for multiple like trials to be conducted at each farm site, in different counties, on different soil types, and with more than adequate separation.

Overlook Farms Team